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However, if you are a minority-, woman- or veteran-owned business that would like to attend the Business Opportunity Conference Expo in the afternoon, you may register for a badge on-site at the Greenville Convention Center beginning at 12:00 pm on April 4th.



By age 3, Cindy was already wearing blue sequins, singing classics, and dancing around her living room to her audience of millions. Since then she has worked with Broadway directors, Emmy winners and countless others gracing thousands of stages. 

You'd never expect that Cindy was born, ready to die. She had a 20 percent chance of living, heart failure, and structural damage on the left side of her body. Following three heart surgeries, she was left with a lifetime of chronic pain and illness. When Cindy was 14 the doctors said, “OK, we saved you, but you’re going to need a fourth heart surgery and you’re going to be on medication for life. Don’t do anything more than general courses; don’t do anything more than walking.” Cindy thought, “Don’t you mess with me. You have no idea who you’re dealing with!”

Cindy Ashton went on to get a university degree and then climbed into some active volcanoes, traveled solo to over 25 countries, and hosts her own TV show Cindy Uncorked!

She’s always had a big personality, been unconventional, and fought for the underdog, so you can expect nothing less when she takes the stage to sing or speak.

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