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Emmanuela Rodenberg is a Certified Transformational Life Coach who specializes in healthy relationships with a focus on personal development. She is a relationship and dating expert and a Les Brown trained international speaker with a degree in psychology and mass communications. Emmanuela is an Amazon bestselling author and specializes in teaching people how to build and cultivate healthy lasting relationships. 

Emmanuela upholds the premise “when you know your core values and have a clear vision, you can attain a fulfilled life and thriving relationships." She works with her clients to identify the right opportunities and relationships based on the principles that are tailored to their core values and vision. 

Emmanuela’s methods help to create genuine relationships founded on essential concepts that encourage lasting growth and lifelong fulfillment. Her programs include group sessions and workshops which help individuals discover hindrances, identify behavioral patterns, and analyze limiting beliefs in order to create an attainable plan that will propel them forward in their personal and professional lives.

Emmanuela firmly believes that, anyone can cultivate and acquire the skills and tools that will empower them to make powerful, intentional, and conscious decisions in every aspect of their lives. Emmanuela is currently pursuing a PhD in Counseling that will enable her to efficiently equip her clients with relevant knowledge and practical applications to use in their everyday lives.